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Playa del Carmen Real Estate Market

Quick Guide: Playa del Carmen’s Booming Real Estate Market

Playa del Carmen Real Estate. Situated just south of the Cancun International Airport along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast in the Riviera Maya, the popular vacation destination of Playa del Carmen is home to some of the world’s most jaw-dropping beachfront property and best real estate investment opportunities.

“The rental market is red-hot in all forms: short term, long-term; by the night, week or year; you name it, you can make money from it here,” wrote International Living of vacation home rentals in Playa del Carmen and in praise of the area’s strong real estate market.

Over the past two decades, the population of expats living in Playa del Carmen has exploded proportionately to the love affair international buyers are having with Mexico real estate – especially in the Riviera Maya region. Downtown Playa del Carmen’s bustling Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida in Spanish), is the city’s main shopping and entertainment area; often described as the longest pedestrianized street in the Americas.

“Tourists and their spending power are the big driver of the market, but Playa del Carmen [also] has a vibrant economy in itself,” wrote International Living. “Values will rise strongly and quickly. Owners will have strong rental income on completion.”

What Makes Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investments So Secure?

For one thing, condos and homes for sale in Playa del Carmen are tangible assets that you can touch, feel and see – unlike stocks and other traditional investments that are intangible and subject to losing value with no advance notice. Also, the price of real estate throughout history doubles in approximately seven-year cycles, so returns from appreciation are virtually guaranteed – especially in places like Playa del Carmen and Mexico’s Riviera Maya, where property values will never depreciate.

Quick Guide: Playa del Carmen’s Booming Real Estate Market

Also, the growth that all types of real estate in Playa del Carmen– from homes, condos and villas for sale, to hotels and raw land – has experienced over the last 10-plus years is undeniable. The construction of new housing estates, condo developments, new commercial corridors, industrial parks and much more is plain to see for anyone who has visited Playa del Carmen more than once during this time.

In fact, the stability of the Playa del Carmen real estate market is ideal for investors who are looking for ways to minimize risk, provide a hedge against inflation and –  in the case of income-producing turnkey vacation home rentals – provide excellent ROI and a fabulous place to vacation every year.

Have you ever considered buying real estate in Playa del Carmen? Share your comments and/or questions in the comments section below!

Want to know more about what living in Playa del Carmen – whether it’s as a full-time expat or as a repeat visitor and owner of a vacation home rental property – is really like for investors? Click the link to read Surprising Reasons Playa del Carmen is a Great Place to Live!

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